What is Young Real Estate Professionals?


Over 3,000 professionals and growing, the Young Real Estate Professionals (YREP) club in Chicago is a club organized by and specifically for young professionals in the commercial real estate industry.

Established in 1999, YREP holds informal monthly speaker luncheons, charity fundraisers, and social networking functions for its members.

The purpose of YREP is threefold:

  • (1)  to further the development of young professionals in all areas of commercial real estate
  • (2)  to promote avenues of communication among young professionals in the industry
  • (3)  to leverage the industry knowledge of prominent commercial real estate leaders


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Since 1999, some of our speakers include:


Randy Rowe Chairman Green Courte Partners
Sam Zell Chairman Equity Group Investments
Nicholas J. Pritzker
Chairman Hyatt Development Corporation
Steven Fifield President Fifield Companies
Gary Garrabrant CEO Equity International Properties
Steve Quazzo CEO Transwestern Investment Company
Bruce Cohen CEO Wrightwood Capital
Jack McKinney President J.F. McKinney & Associates
Lynn Thurber CEO LaSalle Investment Management
Michael Brennan President First Industrial Realty Trust
Jerry Fogelson President The Fogelson Companies, Inc.
Michael Silver Founder Equis Corporation
Michael George President Mid-America Asset Management
Robert A. Wislow
Chairman & CEO U.S. Equities Realty
Mike Luecht
CEO ML Realty Partners
Jules Marling President Real Estate Research Corp
Richard A. Hanson Principal Mesa Development LLC
Michael J. Faron President W.E. O’Neil Construction Company
Michael Tomasz Chairman Camins Tomasz Kritt
Jack Cohen CEO Cohen Financial
Neil Freeman President Aries Capital
Paul Beitler President Beitler Real Estate Corporation

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